Where can I get respirator?

There’s a worldwide shortage of surgical masks and respirators. It is strongly reccomended to not buy them or buy and donate them to doctors, fire-workers or policemen, who desperately need them.

Make your own anti-covid 3D printed mask:

For all of types, there is a necessery to own 3D printer and also find the right filter.
You must know that every usable 3D mask is without proper certification. It is just an amazing response of science sector to this coronavirus crisis.
Week side of 3D print materials is toughtness, becouse for the right function of mask it has to be fitted tidly to the face.
Scientist in Brno, CZech Republic, got simple and brilliant idea. Fix this 3Dprint problem by surgical glove, which could also protect mask base from contamination.
Information about possible filters and althernatives of filters which are tested in Czech republic are available in section FILTERS (main page).
WARNING: 3Dprint respirators has to be sterilised after every use!!!

VUT BRNO guide for 3Dprint mask

Other guides for 3Dprinted masks:

1) video guide for COVIDmask, but cover exhale with piece of cloth!!!:
2) Montana mask guide

Respirators versus masks - what should we know::