Mask with pocket

is mostly a double-layered type of face mask. It has a pocket ready to insert a filter. A mask with a filter is not only for protection of others but it protects you too. As a working filter, you can use many materials. In Czech Republic we are testing many other materials from nanofibre to HEPA filters. We share results of testing in section FILTERS (main page).

WARNING: If a face mask is wet, it loses its function and has to be changed immediately. Therefore, keep your spare face mask on hand.

What you should know about face masks?

To ensure correct function, a face mask has to cover the lower face with no gaps between the skin and the mask edges. It must have integrated shape-up wire for nose, the same thing as in professional respirators. It should be removable. Material for face masks should hold up to sterilization with hot steam or boiling, so it is recommended to use 100% cotton for cords, rather than elastic or synthetic fiber.

How to Put on and Remove a Face Mask

Who has been written about us:

It soon became clear that there were not enough masks for essential workers, such as health professionals, the police, and the fire brigade. Materials have been shared, some companies have made old stock available, and the movement has given many members of the population an opportunity to become directly involved in fighting the spread of the virus.

Social media influencers campaigning to encourage DIY mask creation catalyzed an extraordinary mobilization by nearly the whole population. Within three days, there were enough masks for everyone in the country, and most people were wearing them. This was an entirely grass-roots community effort.

One website,, offers an interactive map for those offering or looking for masks, while a collecting point has been set up at Prague city hall and other municipalities to distribute masks to vulnerable groups.

Video for all Americans - official from Czech Republic:

CDC: General Jerome Adams is making mask from T-shirt:

Where can I get masks?

There’s a worldwide shortage of surgical masks and respirators. It is strongly reccomended to not buy them or buy and donate them to doctors, fire-workers or policemen, who desperately need them. Homemade masks are available on It is also possible to sew face mask by yourselves. You can do it!.

Examples of instructions for face masks: