About web site

I create these websites especially for you. Science is for free now. For every human, who couldnt expected what the world would be in these days. For everybody who doesnt have proffesional respirators or surgical masks at home. For everybody, who desperatelly needs respirator at work or is ill and doesnt have one. You can find here a value information about masks and testing of filters (coming soon on English version), so I can prove your life better in these coronavirus time.

About us

Mgr. Veronika Guziurova

Author of websites. At the beginning it was my iniciative and my hashtag #rouskyprovsechny (something as #Masks4all) in Czech Republic. I was disguested by politics and no mandatories when coronavirus crisis was at the beginning. I need something to persuade people, that wearing masks is necessary to slow spreading coronavirus in Czech Republic. So I started to spread the word on socials. Petr Ludwig showed his video and I joined his message #rouskyvsem. It worked!!! I also want to help people after wearing mask was a mandatory, so I started to gathered informations about testing and want to make an instruction graphics about masks. Meantime, students from Technical University of Liberec show project of nanofibre filters. So I changed my instruction and fitted it for TUL mask for pocket measures 15*20 cm. I also asked for help in their testing department and asked for testing some filters. I create websites and also present ideas of my dear friend Doc. Ing. Stanislav Polzer, Ph.D., an academic worker from University of Ostrava.

Doc. Ing. Stanislav Polzer, Ph.D.

Akademic worker at Department of applied Mechanics on Faculty of Mechanical Engeneering VSB Ostrava. Author of idea of filter with electrostatic combat and instruction of filter with salt (NaCl), which he created based od scientic literature.

MgA. Jana Rollova

Art designer of mask instructions. Absolovent of Umprum in Prag and IFM in Paris. Now she is working for Engelmuller a Pietro Filipi. She presents her own collection of jewels at SmetanaQ Showroom in Prag.

Veronika Hniličkova

Graphisc designer of mask instructions.